Interesting concept in navigation - your book is so easy to follow, and the maps are top notch.

- Karen F., Stevens Point, WI

The extra detail and unique features are what drew me to your maps. What a terrific purchase, thanks!

- Joe K., Green Bay, WI

I love these maps! Navigating from page to page is so much easier and the clarity is second to none.

- Steven C., Mequon, WI

I have tried a few different maps for Oneida and these really stand out, I look forward to your next release.

- Bill E., Tomahawk, WI

Your Oneida Ruffed Grouse Maps have been a great asset to our group. Thank You.

- Stephen D., Milwaukee, WI

Features - Our Maps Go The Extra Mile...

At KP Maps, we know the value of quality information. Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality Ruffed Grouse, Turkey, Deer Habitat, Snowmobiling and ATV Trail Maps in the industry. To illustrate our commitment, we have assembled a number of sample PDF and image files below. Simply hover each image for its description, and then click to view. Note: If the item is a PDF file, be sure to increase the ZOOM to at least 100% to see all available details! Need a PDF viewer? Click Here. Having trouble viewing online? Try Right-Click - 'Save Link/Target As' and save the files to your computer for offline viewing.

Sample Vilas County WI Overview Page Sample Vilas County WI Map Page Sample Vilas County WI Aspen Datasheet Sample Map Book Cover Sample Map Book Side View Sample Map Book Open View

What Determines Quality?

When it comes to Trail Maps, we believe there are 5 key factors...

  • Presentation - Our maps are printed on heavy bond presentation paper for clarity and longevity, and specialty-bound for ease of use. Closer zoom levels allow easier reading, more visible map features, and more accurate trail identification.

  • Usability - When you're out on the trail, your Trail Maps shouldn't slow you down! Our maps include visual indexes and easy page lookups. Each of our detail maps includes a 'Printed Map Page Border', allowing you to see the beginning edge of adjoining pages along with the page number they belong to. We integrate these same page numbers into the spreadsheet style data, allowing much faster detail lookups!

  • Accuracy - KP Maps utilizes cartography software from ESRI, providing you with up-to-date & accurate core maps from a known and trusted industry leader. All subsequent information applied by KP Maps is either directly field verified, or cross referenced against the most recent local data from a number of partner sources. We do our absolute best to live up to our tagline!

  • Information - Information is power. We want our customers to have access to the information they need the most. Private land vs. Public, State vs. County, Nearest Access Roads, Proximity of Private Property, Area Veterinarian Clinics, Available Lodging, GPS coordinates (latitude & longitude) and Contacts for Pertinent Businesses, just to name a few. All data is placed over a Topo Map to provide a better understanding of the terrain. Through customer input, we plan to continue expanding our information offerings as new products are released.

  • Responsiveness - At KP Maps, we value customer contact, and constructive comments or suggestions are always welcome. We do our best to react quickly when a problem is identified, or a change is required to an existing product. By listening and responding to the needs of our valued customers, we are hopeful that our products will not just meet, but rather exceed our customers expectations.

What Can You Expect From a KP Maps Book?

A few words from your cartographer, Ken Peterson, about the Ruffed Grouse versions...

  • I have tried to include as much detail as possible to make your hunting adventure a very memorable and successful experience. Let me explain my research and the sources for the information I've compiled into my booklets...

  • I have obtained information from County, State and National forestry departments as it relates to the properties they maintain for use by the public. These forestry departments manage thousands of acres that are used by many different groups. The Forestry Departments have a detailed management plan designed to support a diverse eco system. Harvesting timber at the correct age and determining the parcel size is key to maintaining the best Ruffed Grouse habitat. The Forestry Department management plans support the well known premise that Ruffed Grouse survive best in mixed ages of Aspen. From information provided by the Forestry Departments, I have selected and mapped Aspen parcels that vary in age from 4 to 20 years. I have also included lowland brush parcels that are adjacent to the Aspen parcels since Ruffed Grouse like the Aspen and lowland brush habitat combination.

  • In addition to the Aspen and lowland brush parcels I have mapped the private property parcels within the County, State, and National forests. While I tried to be as accurate as possible please bear in mind that the maps only indicate approximate positions. Please don't risk alienating property owners by trespassing. There is already too much pressure from anti-hunting groups.

  • Finally, I've included information from my own knowledge and personal experiences of an area to compile what I hope you will find to be a helpful guide for your hunt. I have been hunting Ruffed Grouse for over 40 years and while I can't claim I have been to every parcel detailed in the booklet, I have covered many miles of trails in the search for grouse. I have found that I enjoy heading out in the spring to locate males drumming almost as much as hunting them.